WordPress has consistently proven itself to be an accessible and user-friendly platform for creating websites. Users can set up an attractive site in minutes, with countless themes and plugins helping to create something unique. It is quite easy, though, to build a site that looks good, but is not set up to convert at a high rate. Whether it is increased email subscriber numbers, more social followers, or a higher number of sales, you need to be thinking about the conversion rate. Each of the following plugins has been designed with conversions in mind, so that you can make the most of every new visitor to your website.

Divi Builder

Divi Builder is the WordPress plugin within the Divi product from Elegant Themes. The tool is built for creating pages or entire websites using a visual editor. You can drag and drop elements onto the page, seeing the end result immediately. There is a huge selection of templates, letting you adjust existing designs. You can use these attractive templates, including call to action elements, to create a high converting page.


Site visitors are inundated with email subscription forms, so they can often tune them out. You need an effective way to stand out and encourage people to give their email address. OptinMonster is a tool that offers easy WordPress integration, allowing you to use templates that are proven to convert. More than most email forms, though, you can personalize messages based on user actions. Simple A/B testing also lets you optimize forms for the best conversion rate.

Social Warfare

Social sharing is an important part of content promotion, but you need to make it easy for users to share. Social Warfare is an adaptable plugin that lets you control the look and placement of your social buttons. You can choose from a standard design or change it to suit your site branding. There are some additional features that basic plugins don’t offer, such as the ability to hide social count numbers until a designated threshold has been met.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar provides a number of pop-ups and bars to turn visitors into subscribers or customers. The main option is a bar across the top of the page, providing a consistent message that visitors will see. You can, however, add sliders, modals, alert bells, and page takeovers. The tool offers targeting options so that you can show it to different groups of people at designated times. Also, you can use a pop-up if a visitor shows the intent of leaving the page.

Thrive Ultimatum

One of the most powerful marketing tools is scarcity. If prospects are aware of a time limit, they will be more inclined to take action. Thrive Ultimatum does just that, it lets you add the “fear of missing out” to your website, helping you to increase your conversion rate. You can use this plugin to create time-limited discounts and similar offers with ease. The system is evergreen, you can setup a campaign, offering a time limited deal, and it will be unique for each user.

If you install all of these plugins, you’ll be able to create awesome landing pages, collect emails effortlessly, ensure that your content can be easily shared via social media, create awesome ads such as pop-up ads, bars that remain visible on the page, full page takeovers, and even create time-limited offers for your visitors.

While some of these plugins are paid plugins, you can likely find alternative ones for free (although some of the more advanced features each plugin offers will be unavailable). If you would like some help in finding out which of these plugins are best suited for your website, to help you increase your conversion rate, then why not contact us today and see what we can do to help you?