10 Valuable WordPress Plugins You Might Not Be Using

The popularity of WordPress continues to grow, with an estimated 34% of all websites powered by the platform. Plugins are an integral part of the setup, allowing serious flexibility to a basic installation. There are approximately 50,000 plugins within the WordPress directory, but most sites only stick to the most popular options. The vast library of options can improve a website, though, so it is vital to be aware of your choices. The following options

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5 WordPress Plugins to Increase Your Conversion Rate

WordPress has consistently proven itself to be an accessible and user-friendly platform for creating websites. Users can set up an attractive site in minutes, with countless themes and plugins helping to create something unique. It is quite easy, though, to build a site that looks good, but is not set up to convert at a high rate. Whether it is increased email subscriber numbers, more social followers, or a higher number of sales, you need

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Evaluating If a WordPress Plugin Poses a Risk to Your Site’s Cyber Security

Plugins are the biggest risk to your WordPress site’s cyber security. Plugins are custom-coded applications that you allow to run on your site. As a regular site owner with no coding skills, you probably can’t read the plugin’s backend code any vulnerabilities, so how do you know if it poses a threat to your site’s security? While you can never be sure of a plugin’s security, you can take steps to ensure that it is

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5 Ways to Optimise WordPress for Better Search Engine Rankings

Due to its ease of use and a plethora of available plugins that can enhance its functionality, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to run a website on. Website owners typically want their websites to rank well in search engines, however, merely using WordPress does not equal good SEO results.

This article provides you with five ways to optimise your WordPress website for higher rankings in search engine results pages. The end result of

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